Day one – 31 Mar 12 – Wayah Bald to Cold Spring Shelter

We started our AT hike this morning at 5 AM. We met the group at the Scout Hut, got some last minute instructions, loaded up the cars and headed to Wayah Bald. We arrived just before lunch, ate real quick, snapped a quick picture of the Scouts and started hiking. We arrived at top of the bald and found an old stone lookout which they had to explore.
We quickly had to make a stop to adjust the belt on one boys pack. He is so skinny that even with the belt pulled as tight as it would go it wasn’t snug enough to transfer the weight to his hips. Our resident Eagle Scout took charge and made the necessary adjustments.
We only had a little over 5 miles to hike to get to our campsite for the night, Cold Spring Shelter. We arrived at the shelter to find it unoccupied so the boys quickly moved in. This shelter sits right on the trail and the water source is only about 30 feet in front of the shelter. There wre a lot of section and thru hikers staying in the vicinity of the shelter. We spent a lot of time talking to Polaris and Jbird.
We made dinner. Jay and I had Murray’s Hurry Curry from Hungry Hiker. It was excellent. The boys pumped water and got a fire going as night settled in. Soon it was off to bed to rest up for the next day’s hike.