Starting to plan

I’ve decided to try and section hike the Appalachain Trail. Hopefully I’ll be doing most of the hikes with one or more of my children and/or my wife. For now I’m in the planning stages, researching equipment and gathering what we will need. The first few hikes may be as part of my son’s Boy Scout Troop who is planning a 50 mile AT hike over spring break 2012.

I recently purchased my son a backpack, REI Ridgeline 65, and am now trying to find one for myself. Most of the adults with the Boy Scout Troop have 85s but the REI sales guy and a buddy of mine who backpacks a lot have both recommended a 65 for me as well. Limiting myself to a 65 may help keep the weight I’ll be carrying down. That would be good for my knees and back.

I think the sleeping bags and pads are going to end up being the largest expense. Especially if I have more than one of my children on a hike. It will still be pretty cold in Mar/Apr and some of the prep hikes we will be doing will be in November, December, and January.

I’ll post our potential gear list later as it firms up. For now it is back to Craig’s list and other sites trying to find some discounts on used equipment.